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Science Kit

Science Kit

ScienceLab hands on activities - 3 to 10 standards:

  • Build: Amazing models from periscope to hydraulic life, DC motor to chemical reaction.

  • Apply: The theories from your text books such as center of gravity and air resistance.

  • Learn: The concepts not by memory, but by understanding its application in real life.

Benifits:The hands-on learning science boxes which we are developing have been designed after understanding the needs of education system through thousands of hours of teacher interactions as well as student's interactions. Each science box comes through hundreads of hours of dedicated research and development and has been refined over after observing its usage by thousands of children.

1) Science Kit with Hands on Steam Class Room

2) Science Trek Learning Objectives

3) Science Trek Learning Objectives

4) Smart School Science Kit (Class 3-5)

5) Smart School Science Kit (Class 6-8)

6) Science Catalog Youdo

Stem Class Room


Stem Class Room

The goal of merging STEAM classroom concepts with school is to inspire teachers/educators to innovate, develop design thinking, new technological based models to give hands-on learning to learners & effectively transform regular traditional classroom scenario into dynamic by connecting students with Real World Applications


  • Provide platform to impart Practical Knowledge.

  • Empowering educators with STEM concepts.

  • Reinforcing student core concepts with integrated STEM disciplines.

  • Hands-on exposure of core scientific & mathematics concepts.

  • Prepare student up-coming technological innovation.

  • Encourage experimentation.

Stem Classroom Boxes:
Our DIY STEM Classroom Boxes contain minimum number of 12-16 core Science & Mathematics concepts based models especially designed for teachers/educators.

Stem Class Room

Fun Day


Fun Day (Sportifying Childhood)

Our journey so far:

  • Funday - the name itself defines what we do, its “Fun” for children and “Fundas” in sports.

  • Program based on principles of Long Term Athlete Development and is adaptation of Australian Sports Commission’s Play for Life concept.

  • Research on the idea began in 2012 with Sports scientists in the Exeter University in UK and with the Australian Sports Commission. Started operations in 2015 in Pune.

  • Currently training over 10,000 kids spread in 6 cities and over 100 preschools and schools.

  • Funday Sports wants to create a love for sports among children.

Robotics Lab


Robotics Workshop:

The main idea of Robotics workshop is to build future leaders by providing them basic knowledge and creating interest in Robotics Field. Today there is a great demand of professionals in the related areas wherein our vision is to provide quality education keeping in minds the methodologies and interest between the students.

  • Obstacle Avoider Robot: Obstacle avoidance is one of the most important aspects of mobile robotics.

  • Woodwork Workshop: Woodwork workshop is an opportunity to immerse yourself in woodworking with the guidance of professional craftsmen.

  • Telescope Workshop: This workshop is designed to take the participant closer to real observational astronomy.

1) Robotics Workshop

2) Robogarden

3) Robogarden Approch



Mathalogue - Spark up your Math Logic

Under Mathalogue various creative learning tools are available with the proper explaintion.

  • Counting

  • Sorting

  • Place Value

  • Geometry

  • Base Ten Blocks

  • Number Sense

  • Shapes & Patterns

  • Fractions

  • Circle

  • Measurement

  • Time

  • Data & Finance

  • Theorems

  • Algebra

  • Trigonometry

  • Board Games

  • Charts

  • Higher Secondary

  • Classroom Kits

  • Magnacoat

  • Cubes

1) Mathalogue

2) Smart School Science Kit (Class1-8)

Edu Bee Bot Coding


Edu Bee Bot - The Child's First Coding Kit

Welcome to the first installment of Bee-Bot Club. Bee-Bots are a simple programmable type of rover robot. They are incredibly useful for teaching children the basics of programming, directional control, sequencing and logical thought. Today we talked our young programmers through the simple directional instructions needed to control the robot. Directionality, start, stop, pause and clear memory. We then set the children a number of little challenges.

During today’s Bee-Bot Club, the students got the opportunity to use their navigational skills, counting skills, and listening skills. We created our very own town, decked out with a hospital, a fire station, a school, a post office, an airport and even a space station, with highways leading to them. The students had the option of choosing which of these locations to visit.

1) Bee Bot Club(1)

2) Bee Bot Club(2)



Hands on coding for ages 3 and up

Cubetto is the friendly wooden robot that will teach your child the basics of computer programming through adventure and hands on play, Montessori approved, LOGO turtle inspired.

Made of tactile and hand wearing wood he's your child's guide into the world of coding. Screenless, friendly and ready to play.

Cubetto Features:

  • Model:Robot with Instruction board ( no app or pc required)

  • Items in package:Cubetto Robot, Instruction Board, Blocks (Forward, Backward, Left, Right, Function, Negation, Random), Maps and Books

  • Age Group:K-2

  • Separate item which can be purchased: Directional Blocks, Logic Blocks, Adventure Packs

Cubetto Hands On Coding

Language Lab


Eupheus Language Lab Solution

Vision: Focused program on English Language Learning to equip the youth and students with skills to attain their full potential.

Objectives: Promote an inclusive proficiency in the English Language, with focus on spoken English, amongst youth and students using ICT to provide intervention and rigour.

Proposed Language Lab Solution:

  • Study 1200: An advanced language learning suite that offers an extended range of essential activities that focus on both listening comprehension and voice practice.

  • Pronounce: Pronounce is a software solution for pronunciation and speech practice which allows users to transform text material into spoken audio with the help of text-to-speech technology.

  • Headphone: This durable and professional headset is specifically designed to deliver the clearest sound quality in any environment. The attached condenser “noise cancelling” microphone provides the best quality sound for fully comprehensible voice recordings.

Eupheus Language Lab Solution

Financial Literacy


Financial Literacy syllabus 6 to 10 Std.

Why let kids enter a complex financial world without any financial education?
Financial ignorance will be a disaster, especially when they will be fresh graduates entering tomorrow’s workforce.

Give your schools, libraries, bookstores an added competitive advantage!
Financial Literacy for Kids cover basic aspects of financing — savings accounts, debit cards, credit cards, payment systems, and more! A book—first of its kind that will give you an edge in an increasingly competitive world. Smart teachers everywhere have begun to introduce this book in their classroom.

Did you know?

  • Financial literacy is now one of the top priorities for most nations.

  • India is home to 18% of the world's population.

Financial Literacy syllabus 6 to 10 Std.

Graded Readers


Graded Readers - International English Training Program Schools

About Purple Turtle:

  • Purple is India’s first Intellectual IP with it’s strong presence in 30 countries including Russia, China, US, UK, and multiple languages in India.

  • Purple Turtle has reached the children through books, apps, merchandise, games and youtube videos, channel link :

Purple Turtle Awards:

  • Awarded for Aakruti International Film festival 2014

  • Won Award of Excellence at Best Shorts Competition(USA) 2014

  • Shortlisted for Pune Short Film Festival 2014

Graded Readers

Art's & Crafts


Art's & Crafts Activities Boost

Arts and Crafts describe a wide varity of actitivities involving making things with one's own hands, often using material like paper, card threads, ice cream sticks, thermocol balls, paper plates etc. It's often a way of expressing yourself visually making aesthetically pleasing objects.

Benefits of the school:

  • A huge decrease in the amount of time spent by the teachers.

  • A Substantial decrease in the cost spent by the schools.

  • Due to the high number of students, there is no consistency nor Quality in the activities.

Art's & Crafts Activities Boost



High Altitude Balloon Satellite

Smart Brain Child Research and Development. is a premier organization which aspires to bring the revolution in the field of Science, Technology and Innovation. Our Aim is to recognize and empower each and every youngster as well as educator to realize their full potential, across the globe. We seek a paradigm shift in the Learning methodology on the way how knowledge imparted in the classrooms transforms into a lifelong learning for a student. Our keen interest lies in how every stakeholder in this education Eco-system plays a role of enabler to achieve our common goals by bringing about a change in how an educator teaches and how a student learns.

We are pioneers in research and development and provide out of the box, innovative and creative, technological advanced education solutions in the field of education technology sector.

High Altitude Balloon Satellite

Step and Learn


Step and Learn

Move / Play / Educate

  • Rich, Relevant, Broad and Balanced Content.

  • Significant growth in pupils’ knowledge and excellent attitudes to learning.

  • Children navigate with their arms, legs and feet.

  • Absorbing experiences - play multi-sensory learning games, move virtual objects around.

  • Intuitive software – Flexibility to create games & save on cloud .

  • Collaborative Tool for teachers.

  • Multiple User Play.

Step & Learn