About Smart Brain Child


Smart Brain Child

Ashwin Patil is a passionate entrepreneur who wants to make learning simple and cost effective for every child. His own fear towards Mathematics during school education made him eager to find a solution which can be interesting, real life connected, long term retention and conceptually clear for every child. "Smart Brain Child Developed & Research Center", which was involved in trading of scientific laboratory equipment’s. He took initiative to create 'Smart Brain' as a separate entity which was supposed to work for children towards Mathematics Hands-On Learning.

Smart Team did thorough research, which included best practices across globe, to find how Mathematics should be taught focusing mainly on conceptual understanding and create self-learning interest in children. With this research, they decided to manufacture resources which can support Mathematics learning in fun, interesting way which brings clarity to concepts with long term retention. In the year 2009, the organization launched 10 unique products that the introduced to few schools. The positive responses helped him to continue his research and now Smart Brain has more than 100 members team, learning resources in different areas, about 500 products, more than 500 clients and so on. The organization’s continued focus has and is always been the child, who is going to use the products and to transform the art of learning’s. Smart's mission is to endure that every child should get the opportunity of experiential learning.